PU coatings around vessels in breweryPU comfort floor in a swanky restaurantnon slip screed to wet production zoneshigh build epoxy coatings to tank farmheavy duty polyurethane screedepoxy self leveller for cleanabilityepoxy screed and coating near autoclavescolour quartz broadcast screed9mm PU screed in bakery

food and beverage

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Dominated by the use of heavy duty screeds, such as polyurethane concretes this industry places many demands on its floors.  

These often include good slip resistance in wet and dry conditions, an hygienic seamless finish, chemical resistance against lactic acid (dairy processing) or caustic soda (bottle wash areas) and impact resistance, for example in a slaughterhouse where a 4 tonne carcass may hit the floor from a height of 2m.

In the milling industry, where airborne flour dust is common, a floor offering static control is needed to reduce the risk of explosions from these dust clouds.